Greg and Michelle Copeland
Texas Trace Boykins is owned by Greg & Michelle Copeland, along with Greg’s sister Roslin Copeland and her partner Ginger Hurley. They are claimed by several Boykin Spaniels, and they live and work in Houston and Hempstead, Texas. The Boykins live and work in Hempstead, Texas where Trace Trace Boykin Spaniels and Kennel is located. The above photo was from a Houston Chronicle article. Click HERE to read the article or visit our Books & Articles Page.

As Greg will explain, “I started hunting and training with Labs and Springer Spaniels in the 1970’s  in my home state of Texas. While a Government Relations Consultant and lobbyist living in Washington, DC I always knew I would return to Texas. My first (and only) wife Michelle and I returned to God’s country and the place of my birth in the fall of 2004. I met my first Boykin Spaniel in the 1990’s on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and have been in love ever since. I now have my own passel of Boykins who participate in and have attained titles from events including field trials, hunt test, WD/WDX events, conformation, rally, agility, weight pull, etc.”

“We do and have lived with our Boykin family: Texas Trace ‘Midnight’ in Austin, Texas Trace ‘Kelley’, Texas Trace ‘Camille’ (Cami), Texas Trace ‘Vega’, Texas Trace ‘Hunter’, Texas Trace ‘China’, Texas Trace ‘Tyler’, Texas Trace ‘Wink-and-a-Smile’ (Wink), and a few others from time to time.”

“My sister Roslin and Ginger do and have lived with their Boykin family,  Texas Trace ‘Sunnyside’ Texas Trace ‘Destino’s Cazadora’ (Cazie), Hollow Creek’s Texas Trace, Texas Trace ‘Kelley Chamizal’s Treaty’ (Peace), Texas Trace ‘One-in-a-Million Angels’ (Angel) and Texas Trace ‘Rio Grande’ (Rio) . My older sister and her family who live in Atlanta, GA also own a couple of Boykins. Of course we are all enamored by our Boykins and we each think our special Boykin Spaniels are the best and smartest dogs in the world and if the truth be known, they are smarter than us.”

“We set up Texas Trace as a kennel intently focused on improving the health of the breed, furthering it’s hunting instincts, and trying to do all the things one can do with a Boykin Spaniel – hunting, hunt test, field trial, agility, rally, obedience, therapy and conformation.”

Just-In (UWP GRCH Curlee’s Just-In) ·  2003 UKC TOP TEN TOTAL DOG

“Our original Boykin, Just-In (UWP GRCH Curlee’s Just-In) was a pup out of  HRCH UH Curlee Gurlee and by HR UH Sydney of Woodbine, which both have too many titles and winnings to list. Just-In was one great hunter. He was not only a 2003 UKC TOP TEN of the Boykin Spaniel breed, he was a 2003 UKC TOP TEN TOTAL DOG – a unique title which made him  one of only the three Boykins to have ever obtained this honor.”

Bella’s Destiny · May 2, 1999 – December 23, 2013

“Desie, Roslin’s first Boykin, was also one of our original founding Boykins at Texas Trace. Roslin wrote a touching article in the 2014 The Boykin Spaniel Standard, Issue 12. You can read the complete story on our Remembrance Page. She writes in the article, ‘Desie earned her weight pull title. I will never forget our first show and the look on people’s faces when we walked in with a 29 lb brown curly haired dog. You could hear the snickers and feel the unwelcoming environment. She quickly earned their respect and was the darling of the show. People were leaving the conformation ring to come catch a glimpse of the little brown dog that would never quit. There was a large cheering crowd as she pulled over 500 lbs and won 1st place in her division.’ Needless to say, Roslin loved Desie.”

“Since the recognition of Boykin Spaniels in the AKC, Texas Trace Boykins have been extremely busy and our Boykins have accomplished many titles. Make sure to visit our Boykin Brags page to check out all the awards that Texas Trace Boykin Spaniels have achieved. ”

“We have the greatest respect for breeders who breed with a conscience. And we commend those breeders who give back to the Boykin, giving  as much as they get, as evidenced by their kennel, their dogs, their knowledge of the breed, the standards they advocate and adhere to, their commitment to improve the health of the breed and their preservation of the hunting instincts of the Boykin Spaniel. While some breeders stand out in my mind, we admire each who continuously give of their tireless energy and who always show their love of the Boykin and devotion to our little brown friends and companions. We can only hope to give back to the breed a small portion of what the Boykin have given us.”

“At Texas Trace Boykins we breed only occasionally and we only do so in an effort to advance the breed, to further the hunting instincts of the breed and with a focus on improving the health of the breed. Generally those puppies are spoken for long in advance. Our Texas Trace Boykins can be found all over the nation, so please visit our Location Page to see if there is one near you. If you have an interest in owning one of our beloved Texas Trace Boykins give us a shout. We may have to put you on a waiting list, but we have to admit – our Boykins are worth the wait!”