Texas Trace is committed to leadership and excellence not only in the Boykin Spaniel Community but also in the national canine world. We feel it is our responsibility to provide leadership and give back to the Boykin Spaniel Community as much as we possibly can. This labor of love does not come close to the tremendous joy and adventure that these wonderful dogs provide us on a daily basis. At Texas Trace, the Boykin Spaniels really do come first!

In recent years, Texas Trace has led or participated in many successful educational and fun events from volunteer work with the BSCBAA (AKC Parent Club) as Board of Directors, Officers, Breed Standard Mentors/Presenters and Chairs of Education & Standard Committees and Communication Committees. We have had  many entries in conformation shows as well as sponsored Texas Trace Training Days for obedience, hunting and agility. You can see photos of some of our past events HERE.
We have been proud sponsors of:

  • AKC “Meet the Breed”

  • AKC Judges seminars

  • AKC WD/WDX Events

  • AKC B/OB Events of Obedience, Rally and Conformation

  • The Epic Outdoor Game Fair Event in Georgia

  • And many more fun  and educational activities for BOYKINS!

AKC “Meet the Breed”,  presentations of AKC Judges seminars, provided sponsorship of AKC WD/WDX events and AKC B/OB events of obedience, rally and conformation, participated as sponsors at the Epic Outdoor Game Fair event in Georgia as well as participated in many other fun & educational activities. We are excited to provide you with a small snapshot of these events, our Boykins and some funtimes at Texas Trace

If we have any upcoming events you can see them below. If you don’t see any events below and would like to find out when our next Boykin event will happen  please CONTACT US.