Below is a list of our retired Boykin Spaniels that have been placed in loving and great homes. They are experiencing the next phase of their lives and living some very exciting adventures.

Texas Trace Devine “Deva”
Texas Trace Devine “Deva”Retired to Baytown
Deva is now living in the country on a small farm in Baytown, Texas. She’s sharing with a couple of other Boykins there and enjoys keeping them all on track. She snicks food straight out of the garden and likes the freshness. She also has fun chasing chickens around.
 Texas Trace Magnolia “Maggie”
Texas Trace Magnolia “Maggie”Retired but still Competing!
Maggie is close here in Houston. She is beginning her new life as an agility competitor. Here is a recent picture of her with her winning ribbons.
Texas Trace Sam Houston “Houston”
Texas Trace Sam Houston “Houston”Retired to Bela & Martha Karolyi.
Texas Trace Sam Houston AKA “Houston”, now hangs out at the Official Olympic Training Site of the US National Gymnastics Team
Texas Trace Dauber “Dauber”
Texas Trace Dauber “Dauber”Retired to the Golf Course
Texas Trace Dauber “Dauber” is living in Cypress, Texas. He is now retired on the Golf Course and enjoying bumper retrieves on land and water. He’s relaxing and having fun with his cat friends.
 Caesar Creek’s Rising Star “Star”
Caesar Creek’s Rising Star “Star” Comforting Therapist
Star is now retired and is a comforting therapist to a young mother diagnosed with 4th stage cancer. Star is living a great life, enjoying lots of food and lots of attention..
 Texas Trace Sam “Sam”
Texas Trace Sam “Sam”Retired to the Fishing Life
Sam is now in Port O’Connor with a fishing guide. He is spending his time fishing or laying on the couch. What a life!
 Texas Trace Abilene “Abby”
Texas Trace Abilene “Abby”Retired to the Boating Life
Abby is riding on a boat at the lake. Nice retirement. Since Boykins love the water we know she is enjoying this life!